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Amanda Lobos, @maisdeumlobo or "more than one wolf", is a 21 years old black and brazillian illustrator and designer. She works as a freelance artist and designer and has worked with clients such as Adobe, Snapchat, Hersheys and Baggu. Crafting up technicolour illustrations for packaging designs and multi-coloured identities for various brands, her work is known for exploring art and color palettes in the graphic field. In 2020, Amanda was part of Adobe CoCreate MAX Team of Illustrators. In 2021 she keeps expanding her areas of work and was mentioned by Shillington University as one of the 25 Exciting Female Creatives to look out. Working on her creative side professionally since 2016, Amanda is currently a Designer at Time For Fun—a leading live entertainment company in South America and takes up freelance jobs from multiple countries, having started with small brands from her city.




Adobe CoCreate MAX

Where Are The Black Designers



Belgian Boys

UK & Europe Representedby Süd Illustration Agency

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