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Adobe CoCreate MAX Posters

Posters developed for the Adobe CoCreate: MAX 2020 Conference as a member of the illustration team, with the briefing of showcasing my artistic style to be featured on the event's website representing my country (Brazil).
As Brazil was going throught multiple crisis on health, economic, social, political field and I got the opportunity to make a message reach worldwide, I made two posters that point out these issues.

Adobe CoCreate MAX Poster

This poster criticizes and brings attention to the human-caused fires on the Pantanal region, which is the native environment of the Lobo-Guará, the wolves which are dancing and summoning the rain in a cry for help. It is also a satire to the fact that the failing brazilian government launched a ballot of R$200, the highest value ever to contain the economic crisis, and it’s illustrated with the face of a Lobo-Guará.

Adobe CoCreate MAX Poster

An honouring piece to the vast brazilian fauna, culture, folklore and art, referencing the Cordel Woodcut, the Bumba Meu Boi decorations, traditional painting of fishing boats from my state (Espírito Santo) and the magnificent brazilian fauna and flora.

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